2023 Final Statistics

Total Number of Participants this Year: There were 44 Bray Wheelers who logged up an average of 29 activities each!!

Total Distance Achieved during the challenge: 55,619.5 km, thats 1.39 times around the circumferance of the earth and theres also a carbon footprint saving of 1.17 tonnes!!

Total Calories Burned: 1579726 which equates to 176.0 Kilos Lost !!

Total Number of Activities: 1292 and only 4.88 % were virtual rides which means the weather must have been Great!

Total Number of 100k Activities: 171 and 14 of those were over 200km!

Total Elevation: 755,613.0 meters which is 85.38 times Mount Everest

Longest Spin: 240.1 km by Dave Tilly Have a look on Strava (if its not Private!)