General Outline

  • A week runs from 12:01am Monday to midnight on the following Sunday.
  • You must have a Strava account.
  • All activities are permitted and counts towards the Challenge.
  • Only activities that are uploaded to Strava count towards the Challenge.
  • You must authorize the BWCC website to read activity information from your Strava account. The free version of Strava is all you need.
  • Challenge reports will be published twice a day (about 6:30pm and 6:30am).

Tracking your Activities

  • We pull your activity data straight from Strava.
  • Based off your Strava data, we will publish how everyone is doing against the challenge on an ongoing basis.

The Seven Gap Challenge

New this year is the Seven Gap Challenge with credit to Sorrento Cycling Club. To achieve this challenge you must climb the gaps in Wicklow ! The Gaps are as follows:

The Sally Gap

You must complete all four of these

From Enniskerry Sally Gap from Lough Bray Strava
From Roundwood Sally Gap from Luggala Strava
From Laragh Sally Gap from Laragh Strava
From Manor Kilbride Sally Gap from Liffey Bridge Strava

The Wicklow Gap

You must complete just one of these

From Laragh Wicklow Gap – going west Strava
From Holywood Wicklow Gap – Eastward Strava

The Old Wicklow Gap

You must complete just one of these

Hollyfort Holyfort to Ballythomas drag Strava
Tinahely tinahely x road to gap Pub Strava
Aughrim Aughrim to Old Wicklow Gap Strava

Kilcavan Gap

You must complete just one of these

Carnew Kilcavan S-N Strava
Tinahely R748 Climb Strava

Upon completion you will have achieved seven climbs and met the challenge!

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